Live Sports AUH

Live Sports AUH

Live sports at McGettigan’s Abu Dhabi

Please see below all of over scheduled sports. If there’s a match not on that you want to see, just let us know!

November 12th – 19th : Tennis: ATP Men’s World Tour Finals

Mon November 13th
23:45 WC Qualifier: Italy vs Sweden
23:45 Friendly International: Poland vs Mexico

Tues November 14th
22:45 Friendly International: Russia vs Spain
23:45 Friendly International: Germany vs France
23:45 WC Qualifier: REPUBLIC OF IRELAND vs Denmark
*00:00 Friendly International: England vs Brazil

Weds November 15th
13:00 WC Qualifier: Australia vs Honduras

Fri November 17th
23:45 Championship: Preston North End vs Bolton Wanderers

Sat November 18th
16:30 Premier League: Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur
16:30 Premier League: Ross County vs Celtic
18:00 Rugby Union Friendly: Italy vs Argentina
18:30 Rugby Union Friendly: Wales vs Georgia
19:00 Rugby Union Friendly: England vs Australia
19:00 Premier League: Leicester City vs Manchester City
19:00 Premier League: Liverpool vs Southampton
19:00 Premier League: West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea
21:15 Rugby Union Friendly: Scotland vs New Zealand
21:30 Rugby Union Friendly: IRELAND vs Fiji
21:30 Premier League: Manchester United vs Newcastle United
23:45 Rugby Union Friendly: France vs South Africa

Sun November 19th
17:15 Championship: Leeds United vs Middlesbrough
20:00 Premier League: Watford vs West Ham United

If there is something that we have missed please ask a member of staff and we will try everything we can to show it for you.